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Krista S. Jacobsen is an engineer-turned-lawyer with the skills and the real-world work experience to provide high-value legal services to clients of Jacobsen IP Law.

After completing her Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Stanford in 1996, Krista worked for Amati Communications Corporation, a company that pioneered DSL technology. In addition to contributing technically to develop DSL, including as a co-inventor on several patents directed to solving problems in DSL, Krista represented Amati at various standards meetings. After Texas Instruments (TI) acquired Amati in 1998, Krista continued to have substantial roles in both DSL development and DSL standardization. Krista left TI in 2004 to start an engineering consulting business. For the next two years, she continued to attend DSL standards meetings on behalf of one of her clients.

As an inventor, Krista had been interested in the patenting process, and she decided to become a patent agent so that she could offer patent prosecution services to her clients. While Krista studied for the patent bar examination, she found herself enjoying what she was learning and wanting to know much more about patent law. Krista decided to become an attorney so that she could learn not only about patent prosecution, but also about litigation and transactions.

After a completing a legal education with a heavy emphasis on patent law, Krista began her legal career at Covington & Burling in patent litigation, where her work experience as an engineer and her knowledge of the standardization process proved to be invaluable assets to clients of the firm who were targets of patent infringement lawsuits. Krista then moved to an in-house position at Headwater Partners before launching Jacobsen IP Law in early 2014.

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